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SMARTCAP EVO Series Kitchen Bin

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Outfitted with GSI cook wear, the SmartCap® Kitchen-Bin is a camp kitchen that comes with everything you need to turn your truck into a modern-day Chuck Wagon. Complete with a fold-out stove, cutting board, pot, pan, cutlery, and secure storage for the included dishes, spices, and more. Plus, like all of our Components, it plugs and plays with our EVO line of truck caps, which means you can put it in when you need it, and pull it out when you don't. Eat up!

Included: four (4) of each fork, spoon, butter knife, set of four (4) stainless steel 17oz. tumblers, four (4) plates, four (4) bowls, 4” pairing knife, 6” chef knife, bread knife, scissors, tongs, spatula, ladle, large spoon, salt & pepper grinders, 6 cup percolator, 2L stainless steel cooking pot, 9” stainless steel frying pan, twin-burner propane camp stove & hose/regulator, plastic cutting board, corkscrew bottle opener, knife sharpener & shammy towel.

Right Side Mount Only

Product has limited availability, please reach out for information on product availability. 

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