This trip will require a minimum amount of equipment that every attending vehicle must carry with them. These items will be visually checked upon your arrival to an event, if you lack any of the mandatory items you will be asked to acquire them before the event starts. You may borrow equipment from another participant ONLY IF they have duplicate items. We ask that you have these items for everyone's safety and be knowledgeable in how to use them in an emergency. In addition, you will sign event waivers in person after your mandatory equipment check. 


  • A well maintained 4x4 vehicle with 8" or more ground clearance. (contact NAC for AWD vehicles)

  • Tires that are 31" or taller with an AT or MT tread, with a full-size spare in good condition

  • At least 1 front and 1 rear recovery point. Class III+ hitches may use a shackle adapter as their rear tow point

  • Recovery gear including at a minimum:

    • 2 shackles (soft or solid)

    • 1 tree-saver or static/tow strap rated for a minimum of 2x vehicle weight

    • A pair of work gloves

  • properly tuned GMRS radio and license. Hard mounted or handheld is acceptable but an external antenna is recommended

  • Basic tools including tire plug kit and lug nut key if applicable for your specific vehicle

  • First aid kit, suitable for the amount of people in your vehicle to include personal medications if necessary

  • Appropriate camping and sleeping equipment as well as clothing for forecast weather.

  • Fire extinguisher, easily accessible (ABC preferred) 2.5lb minimum

  • Good attitude and willingness to learn!


  • Winch

  • Camping equipment including but not limited:

    • Tent (Ground, RTT, awning room, etc.)

    • Clothes for XX nights of camping

    • Sleeping bags, air pads, cots, pillows, etc.

    • Tarps and rope, or EZ-up tents

    • Toilet paper

    • Folding/portable tables and chairs

  • Food with the appropriate cooking equipment and utensils

  • Cooler and ice or 12v fridge

  • bug spray and/or citronella candles

  • Flashlights or head lamps and spare batteries

  • Jumper cables or jump-pack

  • Kinetic rope or long tow strap

  • Pulley block w/ additional shackles for winch rigging (Snatch Block)

  • 12v Air compressor or Power Tank type systems

  • Spare set of keys (AAA usually takes a few hours!)

  • Extra fuel, 2 gallons is usually plenty (externally mounted only please!)

  • Ham radio if you have the appropriate license, we will not tolerate illegal use.

  • Misc. spare parts for YOUR vehicle, special tools, fluids, jack, etc.