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Factor 55 Extreme Duty Kinetic Energy Rope

Original price $125.00 - Original price $1,499.00
Original price
$125.00 - $1,499.00
Current price $125.00

100% double braided nylon recovery rope designed for Jeeps and mid-sized trucks and SUVs. Up to 30% kinetic energy storing stretch. Polymer coating for abrasion and UV light protection as well as moisture absorption prevention. Minimum Breaking Strength- 28,300 pounds.  Made and Tested in the USA.

  • Stretches up to 30 percent of its total length, for easy extraction from sand, mud, and snow
  • Flexible, durable, weather-resistant polymeric coating for extreme durability, and rubberized rope eyes for maximum durability at the wear points of the rope.
  • Designed for Jeeps and mid-sized trucks and SUVs
  • Maximum breaking strength: 28,300 lbs.
  • Working load limit: 5,660 lbs.
  • Made in the USA

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