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Embark on epic adventures with the Kabari X, the premier roof top tent designed specifically for overlanders. This rugged and versatile tent is your ultimate companion for off-grid exploration. With a spacious sleeping capacity for two adults, the Kabari X provides a comfortable and secure refuge in the wild. Its 43″ W x 75″ L sleeping footprint ensures ample room and durability for your outdoor escapades. The Kabari X features a condensation mat to keep the interior dry and comfortable, while its peak internal height of 51.5″ offers ample headroom for you to move around freely. Thanks to the unique X hinge system, this tent provides more space than standard wedge-style tents, ensuring a cozy and spacious environment.  Equipped with a 2″ Rebound Foam mattress, a removable quilted cotton topper, Light Suppression Technology (LST), you’ll enjoy a restful sleep regardless of the terrain. With three total entrances, including a main entrance with a rainfly canopy and two optional side entrances, you’ll have easy access and excellent ventilation. Its ECO13B fabric body is both weather-resistant and reliable, making it the ideal shelter for your off-road adventures. The Kabari X also includes a range of practical features such as integrated cross bars, T-Slot rails, sail tracks, boot bag, and internal gear pockets for efficient storage and organization of your camping essentials.

  • Smart & Convenient Organization: The Kabari X is designed with your gear organization in mind. It features a six-pocket gear ceiling gear loft, two side gear pockets, and a boot bag, providing ample storage space for all your camping essentials. The integrated sail rails make attaching additional accessories like boot bags, Kitchen and Utensil Hangers, and the Utility Hanger a breeze. Plus, the integrated roof bar allows for convenient mounting of solar panels or other accessories. With T-Slots in abundance, you’ll have endless options for customization. (Accessories sold separately)
  • Views & Ventilation: Immerse yourself in the beauty of your surroundings with the Kabari X. It boasts a total of five windows, offering 360-degree views that are rarely found in other claim shell roof top tents. With three entry/exit points equipped with preinstalled ladder brackets, you’ll have easy access in and out of the tent. The ample windows and multiple entrances ensure excellent ventilation, keeping the interior fresh and comfortable.
  • Fast & Easy Deployment: Say goodbye to complicated setups. The Kabari X can be quickly and effortlessly set up, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your outdoor adventures. When it’s time to pack up, the tent can be just as easily packed away, ensuring a hassle-free camping experience.


  • ECO13B Fabric with LST: Rest easy knowing that the Kabari X is crafted from eco-friendly ECO13B fabric with Light Suppression Technology (LST). This sustainable and durable fabric not only withstands the elements but also creates a dark and restful sleeping environment, enhancing the quality of your restful sleep.
  • Low Profile: With its low profile design, the tent offers improved aerodynamics and reduced wind resistance
  • Dual USB Lights: Illuminate your tent with ease using the two included USB lights. With three adjustable settings ranging from bright to warm white, you can create the perfect ambiance for any occasion.
  • Sleeps Two Adults: The Kabari X is designed to comfortably accommodate two adults, ensuring a cozy sleeping space during your outdoor adventures. Rest assured on the comfortable 2″ Rebound Foam mattress with a removable quilted cotton topper, while the included condensation matt keeps the interior dry and comfortable.
  • Includes: The Kabari X comes complete with everything you need for a seamless camping experience. It includes a ladder for easy access, mounting hardware for hassle-free installation, and rain fly poles.


  • Sleeping Capacity: 2 Adults
  • Sleeping Footprint: 43” W x 75” L
  • Weight Capacity: 600 lb.
  • Mattress: 2” Rebound Foam with removable quilted cotton topper in orange
  • Condensation Matt: Included
  • Peak Internal Height: 51.5“ H
  • Dimensions Open (Interior): 43” W x 75” L x 51.5” H (The X hinges create more space than standard wedge style tents opposite the main entrance (foot of tent); therefore, the ceiling slopes proving 51.5” at the head and 12” at the foot)
  • Number of Entrances: 3 total
    • One over-ladder U-shaped main entrance 26” W x 34” H rainfly canopy
    • Two N-shaped windows (optional side entrances) 36” W x 29” H
    • Entrance and window closures with PVC toggle and loop fasteners
  • Additional Windows: 2 
    • Above main entrance venting window 30” W x 9” H
    • Opposite main entrance window 37” W x 7” H


  • Recommended Racks: 190 lb Dynamic Rated Rack
  • Dimensions Closed (Exterior): 52.5” W x 82.5” L (85” including handle and latches ) x 8” H (8.5” including mounting rails )
  • Dimensions Open (Exterior): 60” W x 94” L x 58” H 
  • Mounting Rail Spacing:  24” from center to center. In-set 12” from the side
  • Mounting Rail Length:  74.25” (there are two)
  • Accessories Weight Capacity: What is the weight capacity?
  • Tent Weight with Ladder: – 226 lb


  • 4 Season


  • External Color: Black & 23ZERO Green (Olive)
  • Internal Frame Material: X hinge system with struts for quick and easy opening and closing
  • Tent Body Fabric: ECO13B Fabric
  • Mattress Cover Material: Removable orange insulated cotton-poly topper
  • Mosquito Screen: Black polyester mesh
  • Ladder: 7’ telescoping ladder in black with a carrying case. The tent offers three sets of ladder brackets making accessing from the rear or sides easy
  • Outer Hard-Shell: Need spec roof and floor 
  • Closing Strap:1” nylon webbing 
  • Latches: Four heavy-duty latches, two front and two back
  • Seal: 5/8” rubber seal between the roof and base
  • Single T-Slot rail on all four sides of the base (located on the bottom) (load/weight capacity?)
  • Double T-Slot rail on all four sides of the roof (load/weight capacity?)
  • Double T-Slot running down the sides (located on the bottom) (load/weight capacity?)
  • Front and rear single sail tracks for gear such as boot bags, kitchen hanger, and utility hanger (located on the bottom)
  • Front and rear single T-Slot rails (located on the bottom) (load/weight capacity?)


  • One boot bag
  • Two 40” USB 5V LED with three levels of white light settings. Attached via hook and loop with three sown in attachment points
  • Six pocket gear loft ceiling organizers attached four bungee cords. One pocket is see-through and great for tablets
  • Two attached internal mesh gear pockets 10” W x 9” H
  • Integrated roof bar system with two cross bars. The crossbar supports (perpendicular to the cross bars) are pre-drilled providing four possible locations (31.5” L). The crossbars measure 49” L x  2.875” w x .75” h and are double T-Slot aluminum rails
  • Bungee that hooks to the side panels to assist in closing the tent
  • Two rain fly poles (39.75” L) with storage bag
  • Mounting Kit
    • Zippered bag
    • Eight sliding mounting plates
    • Four rubber coat mounting plates
    • Eight sliding mounting plate kits (plate, bolt, nut, washer)
    • Open-ended wrench 10mm & 13mm
    • Allen wrench

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